Ricochet Aluminum Crash Bar Guards 1200GS

The valve cover on the 1200gs is relatively thin, and even with crash bars installed, there is still that chance of puncturing on during a fall.  Which of course leads to your bike spewing its oil out on the trail.

Not a big problem if your adventure takes you no further than Starbucks, but I often find myself off the road and a good distance from the local Starbucks.

The guards themselves are pretty simple, and are relatively utilitarian in styling.  Definitely not a “bling” part.  They mount to the standard GS Adventure crash bars using three, very simple, yet functional, U-shaped brackets.

I’ve had the opportunity of testing these several times, including a very loose gravel road which would have absolutely chewed through any exposed valve cover.  The second picture shows the result of that event, and the result?  Crash bars were fine, and more importantly, not so much as a single scuff to the valve cover.

Priced at $89, much cheaper than the other inferior items out the.  Can find them at:  http://ricochet-off-road.myshopify.com/collections/bmw-skid-plates/products/copy-of-bmw-r1200-gs-adventure-aluminum-skid-plate

20160805_200055 img_0014