Maxupgrades/OWC Macbook Pro SSD Optical Drive bay Adapter

Some pics of the Macbook Pro Optical bay adapter installation that I purchased from Maxupgrades (, which appears to be the same as the ‘DataDoubler‘ sold by OWC.   And while I generally prefer ordering from OWC, it doesn’t appear that they offer the same usb superdrive case.

The optical drive bracket is made of a solid piece of aluminum, in which the disk drive (SSD in this case) is mounted.  The SATA adapter circuit board is attached to the bracket by the way of three screws.  The hard disk is then mounted to the bracket by two screws on one side of the drive.   I have no worries about mounting an SSD drive in this adapter, but it would have been nice to have all four mounting points of the drive used.

The external USB powered superdrive kit is nearly identical to the Macbook Air Superdrive.  Obviously, the build quality is lacking in this knockoff , as the entire top is relatively flimsy plastic, where the Air Superdrive is sturdy aluminum, but it gets the job done and far better than some of the other external slim dvd cases that I’ve seen.

The Maxupgrades Optical Bay kit including usb case for Superdrive

The cheap, but perfectly adequate, set of tools included in the kit.

The optical drive bay frame. Solid piece of aluminum and is a perfect fit.

A view of the the OWC SSD drive mounted in the optical drive bay adapter.

Bottom view of SSD drive and SATA adapter

The USB case looks very much like the Air Superdrive

The Superdrive just sort of wedges into the case.

Optical bay adapter mounted in the 17inch Macbook Pro.